Chirag Desai



I don’t know…I’m a little confused…bewildered even.

Just when there are so many clouds, there is a small opening where the sun’s light comes through with just enough warmth.

So I ran into a friend today. I had spoken to her after a year last weekend, and we decided to meet tomorrow. Then today she suddenly called me and asked if I wanted to grab a coffee…I said ok.

It was simply awesome! I haven’t feel so much warmth come my way in a while. On our walk back to the dorm, she started making fun of me about something. I just looked at her, and she was like, ok fine, I’ve missed you too. *hug* it felt sooo good. I was shocked enough not to be able to respond for a few seconds. But I hugged her back, telling her I had missed her too.

Wow…I’m all warm inside now :) I can’t wait for the dinner tomorrow.