Chirag Desai

Learning to walk


Well I’ve finally got the green light to get rid of all the “assistances” while walking and beginning minor activity..wohoo! Slowly but surely I’m getting there. Although the folks can’t be bothered…they’re staying cautious, and all I want to do is run around like no tomorrow. Oh, and drive. I miss driving.

So I ran a question on chat the other day asking if people thought I was a blog-writing type of person. I have to admit, I was totally surprised to learn *everyone* thought I was. I’ve never really been the writing type. Creative maybe. Editor, oh yeah. But writing a LOT was just never my thing. Apparently the world doesn’t think so…sigh…

Well anyway, I’m starting to pen thoughts here, let’s see how often I keep it up. Time for my exercises. Learning to walk was more fun when I was one.