Chirag Desai

No, but i’m having fun watching you try


Right, so…been a while….and LOTS has happened.

But interestingly, I don’t have to type them, because very few people read this, and they should know by now. In any event *cough* I’m alive and kicking.

So, based on one of (rather interesting) comments I received, it is interesting about stereotypes. I mean, just because I blog doesn’t mean I’m truly “blogger” type. And I’ve noticed that there are people who never seem to be heading in this directionand turns out they blog a lot, and rather well.

The world’s full of surprises.

I must include here a small tribute to RJB. Buddy, what happened shouldn’t have, and we both know it couldn’t entirely be avoided. But here’s to better times, and the hope that things return to normal as soon as humanly possible.

Back to business…and to stressful times…*cough* *cough*

I guess I haven’t explained that too well have I. One day, the girl I will marry is going to respond to that with the subject line =P