Chirag Desai



Right, so no surprises the posts have been few and far between.

I have been embracing the online revolution in the meantime. Twitter and fb. It’s amazing what an online presence they give you — we’re also trying that out company-wise, so I’d like to see how we are able to work that into the scheme of things.

Other than that, there’s not a lot. Work is pushing along, things are moving in routine, and there are signs it might pick up. But at least I’ve been on the move a little. Driving around always seems to keep me happy.

Right, speaking of the revolution, I’ve also adopted the iPhone. Phenomenal gadget in its own right, albeit with a few flaws. But they’re fairly new, and there’s good scope for improvement. I’d be very interested to see what happens in June.

Finally — and this seems to be the common theme around the world — is the need for a vacation. My last attempt at it didn’t quite work out, heck, it didn’t anything out and I’m still recovering from that. At least I know not to visit a gym the first day of vacation. Ever.