Chirag Desai

Really any wiser?


So another year has come and gone. Honestly, this year, I had no expectations. Outside of going to buy myself a new desk chair, no presents were in line either.

It started around 11:40 p.m. when some of my twitter buddies started their countdown to the birthday, and happy birthday songs exploded at midnight — an extremely pleasant surprise.

Followed by a morning breakfast and my day couldn’t have been better. While it didn’t entirely get much better due to a hospital visit at the end of the day, the wishes and messages definitely made me smile.

Fast forward to Geekfest 2.0, the following night, where I got wished in person by a lot of tweeple, only to then be surprised by an ice-cream cake by someone who knew that I had to spend the previous evening at the hospital. Sometimes, you are surprised when you least expect it.

Thanks everyone!