Microsoft Education Competencies: Humor

So here’s how Microsoft defines humor. I particularly enjoyed noticing the list of Recommended Readings. All Google needs to do is setup a similar definition and the world will be a better place.

What? Can’t take a joke?


Has a positive and constructive sense of humor. Can laugh at himself/herself and with others. Is appropriately funny and can use humor to ease tension.
To improve your proficiency, ask yourself the following questions on a regular basis:
  • In a seemingly serious situation, what nuggets of humor or irony can I find?
  • When faced with a potentially difficult situation, is there a way that humor could help? Could lead to a better outcome?
  • Am I funnier than I think I am? Less funny? Who will give me an honest assessment of my sense of humor?
  • Could I start my next meeting, presentation, or conversation by telling a funny story?
  • What are the humorous situations in my life that have taught me something?

Microsoft Education Competencies: Humor

Chirag Desai @Chirag