Chirag Desai

Adventures at Mugg & Bean


Mugg & Bean makes for a nice snazzy little outlet based in Abu Dhabi Mall. It’s quite unfortunate actually that they’ve shut down their branches anywhere except Abu Dhabi. With a menu that boasts a variety of options for every meal of the day, it is a bit of a wonder why they didn’t exactly take off as a concept.

It also helps that there aren’t too many options in Abu Dhabi, unlike Dubai, where you can stop for a bite or a quick drink and also be able to work. Although for the size of the place, having exactly 2 power outlets is quite a negative point (no pun intended). If you aren’t lucky, you’re stuck without one, which is useless if like me, your laptop battery doesn’t have much of a life. Surely they’ve heard of a multiple outlet??surge protector???

Pictured above is their Egg salad with Spring Onion Mayo sandwich pair. Makes for a nice quick bite to eat midway through the day, even if it is a bit difficult to eat as the bread gets soggier with time and it’s an open sandwich.

Why I’m sold? Well, they have bottomless iced tea. Precious little beats that in my book, I’m afraid.