Mango & Chick Pea Salad- Part Deux


After looking at the mouth-watering Mango and curried chick pea salad captured in Chirag’s post, I decided to try my hand at it. So with the help of my mom, I marched into the kitchen with laptop displaying the recipe. 
 What happened next was a blur of cumin seeds, coriander, mangoes, chickpeas, mom telling me (okay okay, screaming) for almost breaking the mini-blender (I WAS EXCITED, OKAY? Hmph) and spinach leaves. And the end result as you can see is the pic! I have to give credit to my mom. She did most of it…I only stirred in the spices, onion and squeezed out the lemon.

P.S. Not the greatest pic but yea…

Chirag Desai @Chirag