Chirag Desai

Welcome @rawatcentral!


This should have come out sooner. But I’m sure you will all forgive me, because…well each of you will have a different reason so I’m not going to get into that.

Naihar is pleased to welcome it’s newest contributor and the UK’s real princess, Dee Rawat. Like I said, this post has come in a little late, so Dee’s already got a head start with two solid posts: her homemade??Mango Cheesecake??(yum!) and a review of Bukhara of Samelsbury??(okay seriously, that cheesecake really looks delicious! Go ahead, click on the link already.). I’m told she also had a fair share to do with the large number of hits the Strawberry bite-size delights post received (including comments from the chef’s themselves).

With successes like these, she requires no introduction. But I thought I should give her one anyway. Welcome aboard!

I’d be amiss (read: dead) if I didn’t mention our other amazing contributors that continue to provide us with finger-licking content and the resulting army of views — a big thanks to Neelofer, Devina & Nikita. You guys rock, just like I do.