Chirag Desai

White chocolate clusters


I have three words for you. White chocolate clusters. Little bites of heaven. Indulgence at its best. There are no rules, so go crazy. You need good quality White Chocolate, Brazil nuts, (sultanas or raisins if you fancy) and some biscuits. The biscuits need to be crushed, the white chocolate melted, and Brazil nuts chopped. Mix together to form a gooey white chocolaty mess. Spoon into bite-size clusters on baking paper (or as per picture into mini cup cases), leave to cool, and then decorate with milk/dark chocolate.

It’s a winner every time. Its uncomplicated, fun to try with children, and requires very little effort or fuss. So get chocolaty, I promise you these little bites of heaven are as scrumptious as they look.

12 oz white chocolate

10 oz dark/milk chocolate (for decorating)

7 oz Brazil Nuts (chopped)

7 oz Biscuits (crushed up)

note: raisins, sultanas, cereal, sweets, chocolate chips can also be used, be inventive and have fun.