Chirag Desai

The food blog: A hundred, and more.


I have the auspicious honor of putting together post number 100.

I can’t give you the cliched it’s been a long journey, because it hasn’t. But it has been a fantastic ride. The naihar food blog started with a simple concept — I wanted to take my family-derived love for food (and the fact that we ran a little catering gig on the side) and share it with the online world. But as is always the case, you want to break the mould.

What naihar has turned into today is a fantastic collaboration of people who love their food — and therefore, people who write with a passion — which has brought out a unique blend to this blog.

I can’t seem to put naihar in a category of a review blog, an out-and-out food blog or even a recipe blog. It’s a fun mashup of all three. We’ve covered restaurants in the US, UK, UAE and India thus far. We’ve concocted recipes of our own that look as amazing as they taste. And we’ve focused on single food items at times not just entire menus, so you know where to satisfy those cravings (or where *not* to). Oh, and the cake extravaganza!

What’s up ahead? Well, obviously more coverage of places to eat, things to make and cravings to satisfy. Better pictures. Author profiles. And some interesting changes. We’re working on collaborating with some brilliant foodies out there who could bring an interesting spin to the blog, some food outings and more.

To our followers, we hope you enjoy what we have in store. If you’ve got a moment, do drop us a comment and let us know if there are things you like (and what you don’t really like) and it’ll help our amazing authors cater their posts a little.

Finally, a gracious nod to our unrelenting contributors. I’m committing to the one cliche for the post here: Guys, we could NOT have this without you. Keep the food and, almost as importantly, the pictures coming.

Happy Fooding!