Chirag Desai

Dear @dutweets, maybe you can help me understand?


Actually, first of all, I do want to thank you. I mean, waiving my renewal fee and giving me lifetime validity on my phone — pure genius and you guys do maintain the best offers in the market, no doubt about that!

However I have a slight peeve.

You have a ‘more international’ option, wherein I get added credit for a limited time, but only for dialing international numbers. To be clear, I cannot use this credit for a local call.

You have an ‘out of credit’ call option, which allows me to make (only) local calls if I run out of credit on my phone. Super.

On the given day, I had credit in my ‘more international’ plan, but ran out of regular credit.

So when I needed to urgently dial a local number, I got the You do not have enough credit in your regular account to make this call. Fair enough.

I dialed in to the out of credit option, which was kind enough to tell me, You have enough balance on your phone, so you cannot use the out of credit option if you have credit.

So I cannot use my international credit to make a local call, my out of credit option to call local calls says I have balance (in my international credit which I cannot use for the local call I want to make)…so I can’t make the call.

What’s the point?