Chirag Desai



When you look up Gujarati food, thepla ranks right up there. Theplas are pretty much one of those all-purpose items. A staple for any travelling Gujarati, it can be eaten plain, with condiments such as indian pickles (achaar), yogurt, garlic paste (one of my favorites) or with curries much like a roti. In fact, the best description of a thepla is probably a flavored roti — you find them in the plain/masala type, the methi (fenugreek), or kothmir (coriander) flavored types. With or without garlic. Adjusted to be soft and foldable or crisp and a little less foldable. Really thin, or slightly thicker. Every family has their own style and the actual recipe is ultimately pretty flexible.

Enjoy (and if you need some, well, ask nicely :P).