Chirag Desai

It all ends.


Well for the two loyal readers this blog actually has, they’ll know I got in to the premiere viewing of the final installment of the Harry Potter series. I’ve been a huge fan of the books since I first read them in 2001 and frankly most of the movies tended to disappoint. But that’s normal with adaptations — you lose out on the subtleties, additional plotlines and in the case of Harry Potter, I feel we lost the inherent sarcasm that he spews oh so easily in the books.

That said, my overall verdict for the final installment is: satisfied.

As expected, there were a few changes, but I was definitely happy to see a lot of dialogue was imported straight off the books and the intensity was just as captivating. I’m not much of a review writer, but I am very much of a bullet-pointer and therefore, I give you — the bullet-pointed review. Enjoy!

Finally, I leave you with some thoughts from people sitting around me before the start of the premiere: