Chirag Desai



Who doesn’t love candy. Come to think of it, I can’t think of anyone who’s ever told me they hate Gummies. Maybe not biggest fans, but don’t like Gummies. Yea, NEVER happens. Gummies are things that you can’t stop eating once you start, then you feel sick and tell yourself, okay not having *that* many again. Until a couple of days later, you walk by a store that sells gummies and…pfft, what’s another entire pack going to do — I survived fine last time!

I indulged heavily in gummies — gummy bears & worms in particular during my stay in Philadelphia. With everything from the next block grocery store to the elaborate candy stores carry them, they were never in short supply. Over time, you even new which ones carried fresh gummies (yes, there is such a thing as ‘fresh’ gummies compared to stale ones. It matters!).

Moving back to Dubai meant a literal cut down in the amount of gummy intake. That probably wasn’t a bad thing but you also don’t find gummies around the block, and when you do, they just seem expensive. Ofcourse, all has changed over time and I can safely say I can find gummies within a 10 minute radius from whereever I am these days.

This however, brings me to Lifesavers. For the uninitiated, Lifesavers can be best described as the American Polo. Well, you don’t actually get Polo there, and you see Lifesavers everywhere. Frankly they don’t really come close on a taste front, but they make do. What Polo however doesn’t have, are…Lifesavers gummies! Those brilliant, mint-candy-with-a-hole-shaped soft gummies. So good. Case in point: when I touched down in the US last year for the first time in 4 years, the only thing I wanted oh-so-badly along with my Snapple Iced Tea obsession were, yup, the Lifesavers Gummies. And yes, they are joined by the 7–11 Big Gulp.


The good news is, the ENOC petrol station store has started featuring Lifesavers, including the big versions, but in hard candy. Everytime I stop by to fill up the tank — even if more than once a day at the same station — I make a quick move into the store purely to check out the Lifesavers aisle in the sad-puppy-dog-eye hope. So far, I’ve been disappointed.

Lifesavers, are you listening?