Chirag Desai

Musings 2.0

“At some point I took it personally. #fail”

I remember this tweet someone wrote before going offline for a few months very vividly. I’m not entirely sure why, but it just stuck. Maybe because it resonated with me somehow. Maybe..I’m not sure.

I saw this coming I think. It’s not often that I lose my temper, in fact, it happens rarely enough that I cannot recall the last time I did it. But over the last month or so, I was brimming. I could feel it happening with every conversation — and it wasn’t just one person. Today, I lost it altogether. I’m not happy about that. It may not have been a disaster, but it still was not good.

So today, we start again. A little rehash, a little time-alone, a little bit of introspection. The outcome, as before, will be the same: return to the patient side of me, the one that dominates without chaos, and the one who’s shoulder people like to cry on because it is offered without judgement; one that would never expect a shoulder in return.

It is time.