It continually amazes me to see the kind of creativity that comes out of American movies and TV. As I finally watched Sucker Punch this week, this was more evident than ever.

There is so much creativity in the telling of this story. When I compare that against the real run of the mill rubbish we see in bollywood or on Indian tv…I quite literally, have no words.

I think that, in the Bollywood paradigm:

  • a movie like Sucker Punch wouldn’t have been conceptualized
  • if we assume for a second that it could have been, no one would have been ready to fund it
  • if it had been funded, not one ‘mainstream’ish actor would have found the script worthy enough (and)
  • if one had, they probably couldn’t actually have pulled it off
  • very few people would have gone to watch it
  • some politician would have opposed the way young girls were portrayed, and possibly, banned it
  • All in all, it would have been a big enough mess to deter anyone from even voicing the idea

On 100% of current Indian television, we still haven’t gotten past the ‘oh-my-god my mother-in-law is insane’ storyline.

It’s sad really.

Chirag Desai @Chirag