Chirag Desai



We all love a good sponge cake. Now close your eyes and imagine that instead of a sweet, sugar-rushing sponge cake, you have a savory, slightly spicy, salty delicious sponge cake. Yes I realize you can’t read this if you closed your eyes, but I’m also relying on the fact that no one listens to me anyway.

A Gujarati specialty, Khaman is the equivalent of a savory sponge cake, with just the right amount of spice and flavor, and topped with a tempering of mustard and garnished with coriander and sometimes, grated coconut. Most people have a weakness for this gram-flour deliciousness, considering it can be eaten all by itself, or dipped in the chutney of the day.

I have even managed — wait for it — to make a Khaman sandwich that tasted so awesome, it’s now a standard occurance every time there’s Khaman in the house.

So there you have it, the savory and slightly spicy sponge cake, the Khaman.


We’re planning to have this available at the next Bakefest. If you like the idea, let us know :)