Chirag Desai

Nine eleven


To this day, when I close my eyes and recall the shocking events from 10 years ago, somehow I’m still at a loss for words. Still cannot describe the event. Still.

The impact of the day is continued to be felt the world over. Every thing from the the economy to international relations has changed. Everything.

Ten years ago to this date and time, I was in a car, heading towards New York, when we saw the neon roadsigns telling us to avoid the city. A quick flip to the right radio station told us a plane had crashed into the first tower. I instantly reacted with “a suicide attack?” and people in the car laughed with a look of bewilderment on their face that I had come up with the option.

We pulled off the highway to a rest stop and watched CNN as the second plane crashed. Eyes wide open, complete silence in the crowd that had started to gathered there, unable to eat the fast food on their tables. Someone in our party turned to me and said ‘Oh my god, you were right.“

I have never wanted to be more wrong.

A moment of silence, for those who suffered, and for those who continue to suffer. May they have courage to withstand the years ahead.