Chirag Desai



How often does it happen that the guy sitting at the table next to you asks ‘Where are you from?’ for the sole reason that, and I quote: ‘Well it looked like you’d never seen a falafel before in your life.’

The first (and only, thankfully) time that happened was when I visited Foul W Hummus a couple of weeks ago to sample and photograph their delicious hummus. Now that I think about it, I’m surprised it hasn’t more often considering my (borderline crazy) fascination with taking multiple shots of food at restaurants and eateries.

Right, let’s get the disclaimer out first: I love hummus. Part of my life’s mission involves hunting for decent hummus* — and don’t scoff, enough outlets get it wrong for me to include it in a mission statement. That’s how much I adore this awesome chickpea creation. So when I spotted a little outlet in Barsha named after it, I was intrigued enough.


Foul W Hummus is a fantastic testament to the ‘less is more’ philosophy. With a simple menu comprising three main items — Foul, Hummus & Falafel (and related variations) only, they may only do a few things, but they do them right.

This is particularly true when it comes to their hummus; the only word that comes to mind is addictive! They seem to have their proportions perfectly right — just enough creaminess and just enough tahini — to always leave us licking the edges of the containers every time we go. They also keep a constantly-on-the-stove container of boiled whole chickpeas to add that perfect warmth into each serving.


I’m a regular, as Mahmoud (who mans the entrance and phones) will assure you. Heck, I’ve even got cousins all the way in South America craving their hummus months after their last visit (during which, mind, we made 4 trips to the place in a week). We’re not the only ones either; stop by on a Friday morning and you’ll barely be able to stand in there — which will only make you glad they get their orders done quickly!


Foul W Hummus does have other items on their menu — foul and falafels — both of which are good as well. I will admit I’ve had better falafels and foul elsewhere, but theirs is still among the fresher ones available around town. It’s just…their hummus is so enjoyable, the others pale a little in comparison. We’ve also tried their fatteh — which is yummy as well except it dries up quickly, so I don’t recommend getting it unless you’re eating it there, or in the car on your way home. (Edit: A subsequent visit indicated that they’ve solved that problem, so take it away!)


To top it all, the staff are incredibly friendly, smiling about in their nice blue tees — to the point where they started posing and pointing at things to make sure I covered it in my picture gallery.


Once we were done eating and I was satisfied with the pictures of the place itself, Chef Azizi walked out from the kitchen and insisted on showing us (and taking pictures of) their nerve center as he made falafels at the speed of light, the smile never leaving his face. A must visit!


*I live to eat. Sue me. Ok, don’t, but you know what I mean.


Foul W Hummus, Al Barsha
Ground Floor, Rose Garden Hotel Apartments; near Al Adil Supermarket area | Google Map Link+97143957767