Chirag Desai

And… @picplz shuts down


Just saw the note from Picplz saying they intend on shutting down in one month. I’m guessing they’ve figured it just makes sense to get out of the business with an inconvenience to a subset of users than fight the growing monopoly that is Facebook+Instagram.

While I’ve been a user for some time, I’m not an avid user as I tend to just post pictures here instead. However, I thought the least they could have done was to provide a link allowing users to download multiple pics or say 30–50 at a time, which I’m sure wouldn’t have killed their time. Their solution of ‘we’re providing a download link for each individual picture’ is just…annoying.

Update, June 16: While I doubt my blogpost had anything to do with it, Picplz came out a couple of weeks later with a single archive link of all pictures, which they intend to keep available until September 3. Yay.