Chirag Desai

Who sold my email address?


I received this email finally on the personal email I rarely give out, after receiving a couple on my more spam-collector email, so someone definitely sold my email address somewhere.

I obviously removed the company’s name..but I mean…what the hey?

We all know the importance of a Will and why we need one. But, sometimes it always seems to get pushed to the back of the queue. There’s always something that appears more important.
But there isn’t really. A Will is essential. For everyone.
Just consider these two points: If you don’t have a Will, you lose control over who will inherit your assets. That is not good. If you don’t have a Will and you are a parent of young children, you will lose control over who looks after them after you’ve gone. That is even worse…
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Everything is tailored to your individual and specific requirements. We will help you create a Will to suit you and your family. We do not produce a computer template Will, with just the name changed.
We also provide a whole range of additional related benefits too. For example, we have vast experience in estate planning, financial protection and investments — and these could be discussed at the same time, if you wish.
Another advantage to you, are our highly competitive costs. For the production of a bespoke Will (written by human hand), our charges are significantly lower than all of our competitors in the market.
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With warm regards