Chirag Desai

I can finally rave about pizza in Dubai again.


I’ve continued to stay heartbroken since my favorite pizza place in Dubai shut down almost two years ago, back when my photo skills were absolute bullshevic (thanks, Madagascar 3!). The photos are only marginally better now, granted, but I shudder at those woeful pictures, ew.

As I was about to say, throw me a lightly charred pie from a wood-fired brick oven, that cooks in 3 minutes and I’ll be your fan for life. It’s what defines a real pizza for me. I’ll typically take a look at a picture (or the real thing) and almost instinctively decide whether I’ll like the pizza or not. I had searched frantically for a shot when Jamie’s Italian introduced pizzas at their Dubai outlet a few months ago before I agreed to try them out. Speaking of which, I need to blog about that experience soon eventually.

So it was little surprise that Foodiva’s post about Rossovivo caught my eye. The review was definitely positive and the pictures got me excited. Could it be, could it? Alas, I had to hold my hopes when the dinner being organized there a few weeks ago was moved after the guest list expanded to a size beyond Rossovivo’s current capacity.

But let it be known that I pestered incessantly waited patiently until another visit was scheduled last weekend. And while I want to let the pictures speak for themselves, we all know that’s not really going to happen.


Pic 1: The Bufalina. A thing of beautiy. I wish I’d realized that the menu was not out of the shot enough, but this is where you thank me for revealing 87.5% of the delivery number before the end.
Pic 2:
The Raffaele. Who knew pistachio on a pizza could work?
Pic 3: The Marinara

The star of the show — for me, anyway — was the Bufalina: Buffalo cheese, tomato, basil. You could taste the difference in the quality of the cheese instantly and, coupled with the crust, it made for the perfect minimalist pizza I enjoy. I jumped at the tomato and garlic Marinara — my mind forgetting that it also meant there was no cheese on it — but the sauce was the right amount of fresh and tangy that I ate it all up anyway.

The surprise of the show — was the Raffaele: pizza with, wait for it, pistachio! Named after the Chef himself. Frankly I thought it was outright bizarre but I did try a little piece — we all live for bizarre, don’t we? — and I’ll admit the chef gets points for creativity. Pistachio and cheese do seem to go together despite my initial objections, and the women at the table absolutely loved it.


Love the fact that you can watch your pizzas being made at the table.

So finally, a pizza place I can rave about again. It helped that someone used me as a landmark with a taxi-driver to spot the place while I stood outside frantically calling everyone waiting quietly for everyone to arrive; nothing like an ego boost just before you’re treated to amazing buffalo cheese pizza.


Millenium Tower, Business Bay, just off the service road. | +9714 380 5833