Chirag Desai

Presentations at Google I/O 2012


There are enough posts this morning doing the rounds about Google’s I/O 2012 keynote that I don’t really need to add to that. But I did want to put some thoughts down on the presentation itself.

Because it bothers me on some level. It bothers me that despite Chrome OS being out there for a while (and looks decent too), and official Chromebooks shipping for over a year, Google couldn’t use one to do the presentation. (They instead used a Macbook whenever they needed a browser, in case you were wondering). Subconsciously, and maybe this isn’t true for everyone, but the only thing it tells me is that they couldn’t pull of or be happy with doing the presentation on Chrome OS. ‘Oh we love Chrome OS, but for serious presentations, we just use, you know, Apple.’

Take example 2. When talking about Project Glass — kudos to Google on what everyone agrees was one of the best tech product launches, ever — the presenter mentioned how it was the future. And how, today, when people want to search, they just pull out their phones. Cue a high res picture of someone using an iPhone.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m a Chrome boy. I live out of Gmail. I actually like how G+ is shaping up. But why couldn’t Google display an inherent confidence in their own products to actually *use* them for their own keynote presentations?