Chirag Desai

A Warby Parker experience


I discovered Warby Parker thanks to Gruber’s The Talk Show, where there were a sponsor. Their message was interesting: custom made frames, good quality glasses, reasonable pricing and for every pair you purchase, they donate one to someone in need.

WP is an entirely online service (although they do have stores in New York) so the trick would be determining whether the glasses actually work for you. Two items help here. First, WP offers a free home-try on — select 5 frames, and they ship it to you to try on. I was visiting the US earlier this year, so I was able to give this option a go.

5 frames to try on at home

Second, one rarely pays attention to the measurement indicators available on each pair of glasses when you visit an option (well, at least I’ve never looked). Based on my current pair, I was able to select frames that were close enough (slightly better, slightly smaller, and similarly sized) to help me decide.

WP is reasonable with their costs as well: $95 gets you the frames with polycarbonate anti-reflective & UV-protective single-vision glasses, and a one year guarantee for scratches. 1 Warby Parker will ship you just the frames too if you prefer to purchase them without prescription glasses.

The order process is straightforward. Pick your glasses (and color where applicable), upload a copy of your prescription, and you’re on your way. WP asks that you upload a prescription either with an expiration date, or with a test date taken within the last 2 years. They’re prompt with answers, confirmed they were happy with my prescription scan and the wait began.

My glasses were delivered within the expected 10 days, although it did take me another week to receive it in this part of the world. I want to add here that the packaging is great too.

Will have to wait and see how durable the frames are, but so far I’m extremely happy with the purchase. The net cost is reasonable for the quality of Glasses currently sitting on my nose though.

Ya know, I’d love to know more about their donations, while there is some text on their site about the subject, it would add to their feel-good appeal if they shared more pictures of this too.

For those living outside the US, this option can be a bit tricky, so I’d recommend figuring out a way to try them out first. I’m very likely to go back next time though since I’m confident about the frame sizes and expectations now.

*flicks hair back* See?

  1. Progressives cost $195, compressed glasses (for > +/- 4.00 powers) are an additional $30