Chirag Desai

North East telecom project to be completed by Dec 2018


From The Indian Express:

The project is part of the Comprehensive Telecom Development Plan for the North-Eastern Region (NER) which was approved by the Union Cabinet in September 2014 but is yet to be rolled out.

The article unfortunately does not say why, although cites ‘external influences which are delaying the project.’

The project envisages providing 2G mobile coverage in identified uncovered areas and seamless mobile coverage along National Highways in the North-East region. Under this project 8,621 villages out of the 9,190 unconnected villages are to be covered by 6,673 towers.

Those are good numbers that will boost India’s now active ‘Act East’ mantra. That said, shouldn’t we be trying to at least go 3G with new lines? Considering the target completion date, North East citizens will finally get just 2G connectivity in 2019?