Chirag Desai

Discourse 2.0


Hi all, I wanted to introduce Drishti talk, our podcast covering informative discourse around topics that matter to the Indian electorate.

To this end, I invite you to please follow our publication here with a Medium account or on Twitter if you prefer. Tell us your topics of interest, or topics you have expertise on and would like a platform to share.

We think there are enough political debates — particularly shouting matches — out there, and our focus is on informing the Indian voter by puttings facts and direction in context and trying to understand real outcomes.

The general format will be free-flowing conversation (30–45 minutes long) that is both constructive and positive around the India story and hopefully sensitive topics that are lacking informative discussion.

You can listen to our podcast using:

I look forward to your feedback, and thoughts on our podcasts as well as the topics we discuss. Together, we can take many steps forward. It is time.