Chirag Desai

California-based techie helping fellow expats return to India

Mani Karthik. Source:

Soumya Chatterjee, writing for The News Minute:

Karthik’s website, “Return to India Kit” is a straightforward, no-frills guide, that offers returning Indians advice on everything from how and why to get an Aadhaar card to changing postal addresses from the US to India to settling loose ends with the IRS (the US tax agency) to getting OCI cards for American-born children to finding jobs in India. Along the way, it also has resources on setting up start-ups in India, transferring wealth back to India and so on.

I’ve interacted with Mani a few times on Twitter and once in person during his past Middle-east life. This is a smart, and a lovely initiative. Credible knowledge transfer is something that deserves encouragement.