Chirag Desai

The Triangle may have printed its last issue ever


The Triangle Editorial Board:

For over 90 years, The Triangle has dropped a new issue in stands across campus every Friday morning. But starting next week, that may not happen anymore.

This wasn’t easy to read. The Triangle has shaped almost everything about my adult life in some way — from working with student volunteers and bringing them back each week, understand layout & design in ways I still use, media, guidelines, standards & maintaining ethics. Not to mention the annual April Fool’s issue, The Rectangle.

The Triangle, like other printed publications, has suffered significant losses in revenue as a result of a shift to online media. Websites like Craigslist and Facebook have nearly decimated the revenue The Triangle used to bring in from classified ads, and online ad platforms have forever changed the way businesses buy advertisements.

Considering this was the primary (only) source of revenue 15 years ago when I ventured into those offices, I’m a bit surprised that other sources did not develop when the first signs of these changing trends came through. Not remotely implying it wasn’t tried, and I understand the challenegs. The Triangle was always a volunteer organization that never took University funding. I’m just saddened to learn that the paper is currently out of revenue due to the reliance on print ads.

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